30 Jul Laps for Life 93 closes its campaign against hunger with more than 60,000 Kilos of food collected

After donating 10,000 euros to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) thanks to the participation and support of users in social networks, in Laps For Life 93 we also succeed in our second phase of the challenge against hunger. Thus, through the involvement of agents and brokers, and branches of Allianz Seguros, we have gathered a total of 60,798 kilos of food, which have already been delivered to food banks and other local charities.

Specifically, this campaign has contributed to the joint work of more than a hundred social entities such as food banks and other charities, including parishes and churches, soup kitchens, local Spanish branches of Caritas and Cruz Roja, and other NGOs and associations.

From mid-June to 20th July, more than 2,300 food collection points were placed in Spain, in the offices of the insurer and its agents and brokers, where they deposited staples: rice, milk, pasta, vegetables, and so on.

After the success of this campaign, we can only thank you very sincerely for your participation in this challenge and encourage you to pay attention to the next joint initiatives of Laps for Life 93, which will be again developed jointly with Allianz Seguros and Marc Márquez. We will inform you very soon!



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