40 tons of food against hunger!

29 Jun “Nags against hunger” get 40 tons of food against hunger!

Finally, we have finished the count of all the food collected in May by employees and agents of Allianz. It has not been easy: to put in boxes and weigh 40,000 kilos of canned food is a difficult task!

Luckily, many people worked together from all parts of Spain in the Laps for Life 93 campaign “Nags against Hunger“: 115 workplaces, including branch offices throughout the country and more than 1,700 agent’s offices have been responsible of collecting, kilo by kilo, the 39,674 kilos of food that have been donated.

On average, each work center collected 345 kilos, although some of them really exceeded this figures: in Manzanares (Ciudad Real) they collected more than 4,700 kilos, in Huelva more than 2,900, and Vilafranca (Barcelona) more than 2,700 kilos.

Where have all these cans of food gone? To more than 100 social organizations that provide food to hungry people: food banks, soup kitchens, delegations from Caritas and Red Cross, churches and parishes, and other associations and NGO acting locally, so we are especially happy about the fact that the help has been so spread throughout the country.

In addition, Allianz Seguros has also made an endowment to assist in the fight against hunger with a 10,000€ donation to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL). As a result, both the insurance company and its charity ambassador Marc Márquez maintain their commitment against hunger and malnutrition in Spain.

All this would not have been possible without the efforts of thousands of people who, individually, have contributed with this campaign. Thank you very much to all of them for participating!

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