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22 Nov At Christmas, no child without toy

Marc Marquez and Laps for Life 93 have a new challenge: to make all children smile at Christmas.

This is the reason why Allianz has organized a big collection of new toys in which its employees, agents and customers, in all Spain, are involved. More than 40 toy collection points will be available from 22nd November to 14th December.

Afterwards, the toys collected will be delivered to Cruz Roja Juventud headquarters, which will be responsible of distributing them to families with difficulties.

Because the illusion and dreams of kids is a very important thing, Allianz also wants to join this great cause and, for each toy collected, the company will donate € 10 to Cruz Roja Juventud, up to a maximum of € 10,000.

All toys must be new and comply with European safety standards. In addition, Cruz Roja Juventud is committed to collaborative, sustainable, non-warlike and non-sexist toys.

At Christmas, no child without a toy!

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